Meeting with KCC – Moving into the Market Research Phase

by admin on June 5, 2011

Three members of the project team had a successful meeting with Kent County Council on Friday and we are now moving into the Market Research and Planning Phase of Project Golden Thread.

A number of meetings will take place in the coming weeks to look at alternative solutions before we start on a set of roadshows to different parts of the Parish in the early Autumn to give everyone a fuller briefing on our plans.  We are proposing that we hold four roadshows – one each in Goudhurst, Curtisden Green, Kilndown and Bedgebury.  Dates will be published on this website once the schedule has been confirmed.

One of the things that KCC has asked us to do is create an “evidence base” of improvements during the project.  If you have not already done so, please complete our questionnaire on the link below:


In addition, if you feel you, your household or your business has a special case that would make a good story, please let us know.  Additionally, if you have any specific comments or questions, please leave them by clicking on the comments link below.

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Sarah Calcutt June 25, 2011 at 9:10 am

the link to the survey is not working..
I am so pleased that the bid was successful, I run a home based PR and business development service, I am moving towards an online interative service using twitter etc for promoting products and services. I also produce advertising and editorial hard copy and therefore download speeds are a bit of challenge at times……

Please let me know if I can help

Rayssa March 16, 2012 at 6:41 am

Hi Paul,Sorry for the late reply. Progress is slow, however there was a Broadband Champion’s imnteeg last week and hopefully things are on the move again. Please find below a summery of David Blaylock’s comments on the imnteeg:One of the main points was that we are not big enough to go it alone; we need to be part of a bigger group. After the imnteeg I talked with the CALC guy about the hub coordinator area I would probably be covering and it will probably be parishes in the Marron and Cocker valleys, possibly Greysouthen, Dean, Brigham, Blindbothel, Lorton, Buttermere, Loweswater and maybe Little Clifton. He is to contact the relevant Parish Councils and Cumbria County Council to decide if that is acceptable by everyone. If it is agreed, the area, going by the 2001 census (the latest available on the CCC website), the population represented would be 3774 people. The figures for Greysouthen are 508 and Dean 1077 so it should make a difference. The guy from the Northern Fells area also re-affirmed that size matters and since they are much better organized and further into the project than we are he is in a better position than us to comment. We do not want to get into the position of re-inventing the wheel.If you look on the Broadband Cumbria website you will find stuff about the imnteeg. One of the big things that have been highlighted is that distributing fibre overhead is feasible and is being done. Fibre to the home is by far the best solution if we can get it.Some things I do know -CLEO provide WIFI access to Paddle school and Brigham School from the mast at Moota and Dean School from the mast at Lillyhall. I am not sure what speed they are but it is a minimum of 10Mbps to primary schools and is 100Mbps to secondary schools.There is fibre that runs along the A595 (possibly along the A66 as well) that was installed by Your Communications under the project Access roll out which I thing happened around 2005/6. It is a duct with four sub-ducts in it of which three are empty and the other one has a 96 fibre cable in stitu, (information from Barrie Forde, CLEO). Your Communications are linked to Thus who in turn are linked to Cable and Wireless. Cable and Wireless are on the shortlist of possible providers.I hope this is useful.Claire

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