Happy New Year! It’s Official – Infinity is 103%

by admin on January 1, 2011

We ended with a respectable result with over 21.7% of the village lines registering.   Goudhurst registered in the top 2% in the whole country – coming in at Number 45 out of 2495 eligible exchanges.  A great effort given the fact that the Parish straddles three exchanges – two of which were not eligible to enter the Race!

Here our final scorecard:

Cranbrook also did well to register more than 20% of their lines and came in at a reputable number 54 in the National league.

From a local point of view, though, Brenchley put on an amazing spurt in December to win the Battle for the North Downs with over 52.6% and came in at Number 11.  Well done to them!  A great effort.

We lost the “Battle of the Downs” to Lindfield at Number 10 the National League (only one place above Brenchley) with 61%. Well done to them too!

The winner for the whole country – Blewbury –  scored 103% – so they must have done something pretty amazing when they reached Infinity!  Perhaps that is why there was a site called “To Infinity and Beyond!” And the other winners all scored 100% – so they must have done things with information, posters, door-to-door campaigning, databases and spreadsheets that were well beyond our ken or energy levels over Christmas!  There is an interesting thread of comments on the results of the whole campaign here:


It would appear that the winning exchanges played fair and worked hard to win – but that it is BT’s records that are somewhat inaccurate.  Oh well, at least we all had water over the Christmas period!

We will be posting our thoughts on plans for 2011 in the next few days – please come back and contribute!

In the meantime, we hope you and your families all have a very happy New Year!

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