Goudhurst Parish Council Sets Up Superfast Broadband Subcommittee

by admin on November 2, 2011

On 10th October the Goudhurst Parish Council created a new subcommittee to oversee the “Golden Thread” Superfast Broadband Project grant that was awarded to the Parish earlier in the year by Kent County Council.

A copy of the minutes is shown below from the www.goudhurst.co.uk website:

279/11         Members received a Report of a meeting held on 23 September 2011 at County Hall, Maidstone between representatives of Goudhurst Parish Council, the ‘Golden Thread’ Committee and Kent County Council. 

Resolved that a new Superfast Broadband Committee be formed to take this important project forward through negotiation with Kent County Council.  The Parish Council members will be Cllrs Bates, Boniface, Mrs Glendinning and Ward.  Cllr Ward will be Chairman of the Committee.  They will link in with the ‘Golden Thread’ group consisting of Mr Lorne Mitchell, Mrs Susie Mitchell, Mr Richard Bushrod and Mr Peter Rolington. 

Noted that KCC is to hold and administer the £100,000 grant funds and they will appoint the service provider for the improved service across the Parish.  The original proposed Agreement from KCC was not acceptable to Goudhurst Parish Council on some points. Subsequently KCC submitted a revised version (30 September 2011) and there are points in this which require further discussion. 

Resolved: that the Superfast Broadband Committee be given delegated powers to negotiate an Agreement with KCC that is acceptable and ready for signature by Goudhurst Parish Council.  Whilst holding delegated powers, the committee can still refer to Council if they believe that there are any very controversial items that need Council’s attention.  Although no timescales have been published, it was noted that the Committee should aim to conclude the Agreement by the end of October 2011 unless informed otherwise by KCC.

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Nick Parnell November 8, 2011 at 12:58 pm

Dear Sirs,

As a resident of the Weald I’ve been looking with interest at recent developments in Wireless (WiMax as opposed to wifi) broadband delivery for rural areas.

I live in Headcorn and recently contacted Canterbury based WiMax supplier Vfast with a view to investigating potential for such technology in this area. To my surprise I was told this part of the weald could receive a service so I opted for a survey.

I’m now receiving broadband at 24mbps dowstream and 5-10mbps upstream beating many cable packages.

I’m not connected with Vfast, just a very satisfied customer. I’ve already contacted Headcorn Parish council regarding this and thought as a neighbouring council this is something which may interest you given your current project.

Please feel free to have a look at the information and speed results on my website below and contact vfast direct if this is of interest to the council.



Nick Parnell

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